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Jan Čejpa

Jan is an enthusiastic developer, design engineer, pilot and overall a propeller head... Paragliding is his life's hobby and he applies his years of experience in this field on RC paragliding as well. He invents and designs all our RC wings, breaks in and test runs not just our prototypes but every canopy we produce before sending it to the customer. He has design down to a fine art and if there is something wrong with a canopy, he can tell at a glance. He manages the running of the company and handles technical information and technical support for customers.

Favourite motto: „Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.“ - Leonardo da Vinci

Jana Čejpová

Jana is a communicative and energetic organiser with positive thinking. She loves looking at the world from above, even if only as a passenger during tandem flights or from a plane or observation tower window. She enjoys travelling and photography and she fears no obstacle thanks to her positive attitude. She manages and controls the running of the company, handles the economic side and marketing, speaks English and partially German and makes sure that every order and every e-mail is taken care of on time.

Favourite motto: „One who travels with the desire to learn journeys across faraway lands mainly to reach oneself.“ - Jan Werich


-  We only do what we truly enjoy and what we truly understand – only that can be a guarantee of a job well done.
-  We go our own way and we value the fact that we can implement our own ideas and thoughts – a satisfied customer is our greatest reward.
-  RC paragliding is our passion and joy – it is an honour to have it as part of our work.


We specialise primarily in RC canopies from the “double skin” category. We do not want to just make toys. Our goal is to design, develop and produce high-performance RC gliders and realistic models of large paraglider wings, i.e. RC canopies with realistic behaviour and perfect flight characteristics. Each of our canopies on offer is custom-made based on the customer's own choice of colour combinations, allowing you to be original and choose your own design. We will also provide you complete and comprehensive consulting services on RC paragliding.



Our interest in RC paragliding arose from two major hobbies – classic paragliding and aviation model making. The idea first came into existence sometime in the year 2004 in the minds of father and son Jaroslav and Jan Čejpa who decided to try and combine these two hobbies together and try RC paragliding. However, there were no RC wings available on the market, let alone any quality ones, and thus they decided to make their own RC canopy. Though the first paraglider had a lot of flaws and needed much tuning and improvement, seeing it fly was a joyful experience. Jaroslav and Jan's euphoria carried over to Jan's wife Jana as well and so they all began spending their time at the sewing machine or on a hill or model airfield.

Gradually, we started designing, developing, creating and extensively testing other custom canopies, at first just for our own entertainment and love of flying. Since then, we have created dozens of prototypes, each of them requiring hours and hours of work, whether during their design, sewing, lining or testing. During production, we always derived from the shapes and properties of large paragliders to create realistic models of large canopies with the same flight characteristics.

We have undergone much development and gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of RC paragliding since our first RC canopy design. Therefore, we can now say with pride that we create and offer high-quality RC gliders which rank among the best on the market.


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