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RC para SKY is a Czech company producing and selling canopies and accessories for RC paragliding. We have been active on the market since 2012, but we have been developing RC paragliders since 2004. Our strengths lie in long-time experience in the field of aviation modelling and many years in flying on large paraglider wings. Company RC para SKY is considered a pioneer of RC paragliding in the Czech Republic.

We specialise primarily in RC canopies from the “double skin” category. Our goal is designing, developing and producing high-performance RC gliders and real models of large paraglider wings with realistic behaviour and perfect flight characteristics. We also provide comprehensive consulting in RC paragliding.

Our paragliders are made in professional quality. Proper aerodynamic principles are implemented in each new glider from the very beginning of development and design to achieve the best flight results. The gliders are made of lightweight fabric to keep the glider light and aerodynamically clean. The fabric is cut on a modern, professional laser cutter with maximum precision. The quality of the end product is enhanced by the professional and clean production and sewing of each individual canopy. To complement the quality of our products, we also emphasise professional yet friendly approach to each customer.

Our paragliders are complete, lined and ready for flight. Each canopy is tested after production during a short test flight. Our canopies are suitable for both slope soaring and powered flight.

We are RC para SKY – the brand for all those who share a passion for flight...


What´s new?


Now you can find top AXI motors in our e-shop - in the section Electronics.


RC glider Trance is our news of 2019 and thanks with its enormous potencial, we call it our flagship. Check out the e-shop.


RC glider eXtasy sets a new course in RC paragliding! eXtasy is our boom of 2018, carrying a great number of innovations in design and technology… Check out the e-shop. Or watch the video what eXtasy can do :-)


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