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CUSTOM-MADE PRODUCTION, DELIVERY TIME 4-5 WEEKS. Choose your own design in colour configurator.

“eXtasy - be ecstatic about flying!”

RC glider eXtasy sets a new course in RC paragliding! eXtasy is our boom of 2018, carrying a great number of innovations in design and technology. Its shark-nose airfoil lends the canopy greater stability at higher speeds, reduces the frontal resistance and improves ascent in thermal soaring. To improve air pressure inside the canopy, eXtasy is fitted with multiple openings in the ribs. The glider's leading edge is reinforced with wires, allowing the canopy to easily cope with turbulent conditions. The brake lines are arranged in a new style to make the glider faster and more aggressive. Last but not least, the glider was built with a new racing canopy shape, complemented with an attractive colour design.

The combination of all these elements led to the creation of eXtasy: an extremely enjoyable and fun glider. Despite the use of stiffeners, the glider is light, aerodynamically clean and highly efficient. The canopy boasts a balanced behaviour due to its combination of smooth stable flight and capability to perform extreme acrobatics. eXtasy can handle these manoeuvres with dynamic precision and quick regeneration when controlled by a precise and steady hand. Glider eXtasy is the perfect fit for experienced and ambitious pilots who seek an acrobatic model paraglider from the double skin category.

Video eXtasy

Technical Data
Wingspan: 3,3 m
Flat area: 1,59 m2
Aspect ratio: 6,9
Number of cells: 33
Recommended load: 2,9 – 3,3 kg

Canopy: Skytex 32
Ribs: Skytex 38
Leading edge: reinforced by strings
Lines: Aramid Kevlar 0,4 mm
Risers: 3-lines, strap 10 mm, D-ring 10 mm
Carabiners: steel 4 mm

Package Included
1x RC paraglider including lines, risers, carabiners
1x repair set (self-adhesive Skytex 10x10 cm + lines 5 m)
1x innerbag
1x printed user´s manual (EN version)

User´s Manual – eXtasy (CZ version)
User´s Manual – eXtasy (EN version)

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Colour Configurator

Be original - choose your own design!
Create your own design configuration, save it into PDF and upload your PDF file as an attachment when ordering.

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