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RC paramotor with pilot

Paramotor frame
Pilot´s head
Pilot´s color

A new generation of pilots made by RC para SKY is coming! Maximum realistic, attractive and fully functional - all this our paramotor with pilot can be proud of. The pilot figure is designed in an attractive way with elaborate parts, such as the head, hands and boots, in addition to wearing great modern clothing. Part of the pilot's body is a large space for the battery (150 x 87 x 47 mm). The fabric harness allows easy and quick battery replacement. The pilot's body is prepared not only for standard servos for hand control, but also for standard servos for the speed system. The width of the hanging to attach the canopy is 14 cm. The paramotor with the pilot is also variable and it is possible to choose from several different combinations, so you can be original and choose "yours". The overall look of the paramotor backpack with the pilot is maximally impressive and enhances the realistic impression of flying.

The total weight of the paramotor backpack including the pilot (without electronics) is 2,450 grams.

The RC paramotor has no electronics, its operation requires: motor, regulator, propeller, 2 pieces servos for hand control, maybe also 2 servos for speed system control (if you require it, but it is not necessary for our canopies). A battery and a receiver are also needed to make it functional. Individual components of the electronics can be purchased in the "Electronics" section.

Package Included
- the stable and rigid frame of the paramotor backpack with 33 cm in diameter is made of stainless steel / sprayed steel
- rigid construction of the pilot's body is made of 2 and 3 mm stainless steel sheet, with 150 x 87 x 47 mm box (for battery insertion)
- pilot's lever arms are made of 2 mm thick laminate plate
- servo-levers (2 pieces)
- pilot's legs are made of a silicone hose
- head, hands and pilot's shoes are cast from special hard polyurethane
- harness with straps
- clothes for the pilot
- carabiners for attaching the RC canopy
- printed user´s manual (EN version)


User´s Manual – RC paramotor (CZ version) 
User´s Manual – RC paramotor (EN version) 

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