Servo Power HD-1501MG analog 63g


Last time this product was bought: 20.05.2020

High quality Power HD brand servos for professional use, featuring a high quality of workmanship. Powerful, quick servos with high accuracy and a very smooth stepping.

Thrust (4.8V): 15.5 kg-cm
Thrust (6.0V): 17 kg-cm
Speed: 0.16 sec (4.8V) - 0.14 sec (6.0V)
Operating voltage: 4.8 ~ 6.0 DC Volt
Weight: 63 g
Type of bearing: 2 ball bearings
Type of motor: DC motor
Gearing: metal (copper)
Operating temperature: -20~60C°
Size: 40.7 x 20.5 x 39.5 mm

Note: For the pilot's figurine it is necessary to order 2 servos!

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