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Hero 4

CUSTOM-MADE PRODUCTION, DELIVERY TIME 4-5 WEEKS. Choose your own design in colour configurator.

„Hero 4 – become a hero…!“

Hero 4 is a high performance RC paraglider designed with very slim wings, yet excellent stability during flight. In addition, it boasts excellent glide ratio, reacts quickly and precisely to control inputs and is well suited to thermal soaring. Its starts will be handled best by experienced pilots, who will also be better able to appreciate its properties during thermal soaring, since the canopy requires active control. However, flying in the evening hours in calm weather can be handled even by a beginner thanks to excellent stability of the wing. Hero 4 was given its name from the impression it leaves during flight – its four meter span and chosen wing shape project majesty, heroism and grace. It is truly a sight to behold while in the air, allowing you to fully enjoy the wonderful feeling of realistic flying. Become a true hero with paraglider Hero 4...

Technical Data
Wingspan: 4,0 m
Flat area: 2,06 m2
Aspect ratio: 7,8
Number of cells: 41
Recommended load: 3,0 – 3,6 kg

Canopy: Skytex 32
Ribs: Skytex 38 
Lines: Aramid Kevlar 0,4 mm
Risers: 2-lines, strap 10 mm, D-ring 10 mm
Carabiners: steel 4 mm

Package Included
1x RC paraglider including lines, risers, carabiners
1x repair set (self-adhesive Skytex 10x10 cm + lines 5 m)
1x innerbag
1x printed user´s manual (EN version)

User´s Manual - Hero 4 (CZ version)
User´s Manual - Hero 4 (EN version)

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Colour Configurator

Be original - choose your own design!
Create your own design configuration, save it into PDF and upload your PDF file as an attachment when ordering.

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